Video: Suspected gas explosion rips open roads, overturns cars in Johannesburg

People living in roadside flats have been advised to move out of the buildings.

A suspected gas explosion damaged a busy road and overturned several vehicles in Johannesburg, South Africa, during the evening rush hour on Wednesday. BBC informed of. Eyewitnesses said that the ground shook at the time of the explosion and then a loud bang was heard.

No deaths were reported, however, nine people were taken to hospital with minor and intermediate injuries, officials said. Fearing a second explosion, others were evacuated from the area.

Images and videos surfaced on social media showing huge cracks and holes in the middle of roads and cars turning over on Bree Street in Johannesburg.

Watch video here:

“There is a danger of the buildings collapsing. “The damage is widespread,” said Panyaja Lesufi, premier of Gauteng province, where Johannesburg is located. Independent informed of. He said that 23 vehicles overturned due to the blast.

People living in flats along Bree Street have been advised to move out of the buildings.

Although the cause of the explosion was suspected to be gas, it is unclear whether it was from a leak in the city’s underground pipes or from some other, undetermined source. Several experts have been called in to find out what could have caused the explosion.