Vipul Shah on The Kerala Story’s ’32 thousand women converted’ claim: ‘It doesn’t matter whether 32 or…’

Kerala Story starring Adah Sharma has courted controversy.

The makers of The Kerala Story had earlier claimed that over 32,000 women from the state were recruited into ISIS. However, he later withdrew the claim.

Kerala Story producer Vipul Shah has reacted to the controversy surrounding his new film. The Kerala Story is facing backlash from a section of political parties and groups who have questioned its makers over their now retracted claim that 32,000 women from Kerala were converted to Islam and recruited into ISIS . A series of petitions have also been filed against the film, claiming that it is not based on facts and incites hatred against the Muslim community.

Now, Vipul Shah has broken his silence on the allegations and has also spoken about the ban on his film in West Bengal. Notably, the producers of the film have already moved the Supreme Court seeking lifting of the ban in West Bengal and asking the Tamil Nadu government to provide security to theaters to screen the film.

“I am not afraid at all. I have full faith in my country and its population that they will not do anything rashly. We are a democracy and everyone has a right to speak. These days some aggressive elements are acting without any thought. Speaking up has become fashionable. I don’t think I need to bother with them. I have many more important things to do and many more stories to tell,” Vipul told Times of India in an interview .

He further added that he is hopeful that the film will be restored in theaters in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. “Since we live in a civilized, democratic society and since my director (Sudipto Sen) and I do not believe in taking to the streets, legal recourse is our only hope. We have full faith in the judiciary and we are 100% sure that The Kerala Story will be back in cinema halls in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.”

Addressing the controversy surrounding the now retracted claim, Vipul said, “We wanted to tell a story that needed to be told. It was never about numbers. It doesn’t matter whether 32 or 32,000 women She went through this experience. What matters is that it (conversion) happened. And this story had to be brought in the public domain.”

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