Vipul Shah reacts to ‘The Kerala Story’ controversy Hindi Movie News – Times of India

,story of keralaThe film, which released on May 5, has been embroiled in controversies. The film revolves around women who were converted to Islam. The ‘Kerala Story’ claimed to tell the stories of over 32,000 women from Kerala, but later changed the number to three. This sparked several protests from netizens for the alleged misinterpretation. the creator Vipul Shah Now has reacted to these factual figures and said that these figures do not matter.
In an interview, Vipul said that he wanted to tell the story that needed to be told. It was never about the numbers. It did not matter whether the number of women was 32 or 32,000. But what matters is that the conversation happened. This story had to be brought into the public domain.
The film Will was also banned West Bengal cm Mamata Banerjee, IMPPA has also condemned the ban on the film. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Also recently mentioned the film and said, “Such a beautiful state of the country, where people are hardworking and talented. The film Kerala Story brings to the fore the terrorist conspiracies happening in that state.”
‘The Kerala Story’ is performing exceptionally well at the box office on Monday and Tuesday as well.