War of words in vain, list of unparliamentary terms a collection of comments already deleted: Government sources

The opposition has launched an all-out attack on the government after the Lok Sabha Secretariat released a new booklet listing unparliamentary words for both the houses.

The list includes ‘jumlajeevi’, ‘child wit’, ‘covid spreader’, ‘snoopgate’ and even commonly used words like ’embarrassment’, ‘abuse’, ‘betrayal’, ‘corrupt’ There are words like ‘play’. , ‘hypocrisy’, and ‘incompetent’.

The booklet listing unparliamentary words and expressions comes ahead of the monsoon session that begins on July 18.

Opposition lawmakers have called it a “closure order”, saying it would impede their ability to criticize the government.

However, government sources told News18 that the list is not a new suggestion, but a compilation of words already taken out in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha or state legislatures. It also contains a list of words considered unparliamentary in the Parliaments of Commonwealth countries, he said.

For example, in Australia’s House of Representatives ‘abuse’ was considered unparliamentary.

‘Childhood’ was similarly considered unparliamentary in the National Assembly of Quebec.

The ‘lollipop in the budget’ was thrown out of the Punjab assembly, like ‘you have reached here by lying’.

Hindi words ‘ant-quiet’ and ‘disabled’ were removed from the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly.

The Rajasthan Legislative Assembly removed the Hindi words ‘illiterate’ and ‘anargal’.

Government sources said most of these words were considered unparliamentary even when the UPA was in power.

He also said that the booklet is only a compilation of words and not suggestions or orders.

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