Watch: Kannada Actor Darling Krishna And Director Shashank Share Fun Promo For Their Upcoming Film – News18

Makers have made a funny video to promote Kausalya Supraja Rama.

Milana Nagraj, who is also present in the video, jokingly teases Darling Krishna about her tendency to overthink.

Darling Krishna and director Shashank have teamed up for their upcoming film Kausalya Supraja Ram and recently treated fans with a side-splitting video aimed at promoting the film on social media. In the video, the two are engaged in an amusing discussion about the importance of film promotion. While Shashank argues that strong content eliminates the need for excessive promotion, Darling Krishna takes the opposite view, stressing on the responsibility of filmmakers in boosting the publicity of their work.

The video cleverly incorporates a tennis theme, with Darling Krishna suggesting that she should give up the campaign, employing her tennis strategy as an analogy. Milana Nagraj, who also appears in the video, jokingly teases Darling Krishna about her tendency to overthink, and jokingly blames it for her hair loss.

This light-hearted video serves as a powerful promotional tool, designed to generate buzz and captivate viewers. It aims to reach out to a wide range of audience and generate excitement for the upcoming film.

In April, the filmmakers unveiled the first look of Kousalya Supraja Ram, promoting it with the catchy tagline, “Tale of a Real Man”. The film features an ensemble cast including Darling Krishna, Brinda Acharya and Sudha Belawadi. Directed by Shashank, known for emotionally impactful love stories like Krishnan Love Story and Love 360, the film promises a unique and unforgettable cinematic experience.

According to a tweet by director Shashank, “Kausalya Supraja Ram” is set for a theatrical release on July 28. The tweet announced, “The combo of Darling Krishna and Shashank comes to tell you ‘Aapki’ story, which you might have never heard before. First seen on the silver screen… ‘Tale’ in cinemas from July 28, 2023 Get ready to watch ‘Of a Real Man’.”