‘We’re Back’: Tucker Carlson To Resume His Show On Twitter, Elon Musk Responds

Fox News parted ways with Tucker Carlson last month

Popular TV host Tucker Carlson, who was fired by Fox News last month, said Tuesday that he would be resuming his show on Twitter “soon.” In a tweet titled “We’re back”, Mr Carlsen shared a video announcing he would launch his show on Twitter, which he described as “the world’s last survivor” to allow free speech. The stage happened.

Without mentioning the exact date, he promised his viewers a “new version of the show we’ve been doing for the last six and a half years”.

Watch the video here:

“We’ll bring some other things as well, which we’ll let you know about,” he said. “But for now, we’re grateful to be here,” he said.

“Speech is a basic pre-requisite for democracy. That’s why it was included in our first constitutional amendment,” Mr. Carlson said. “Amazingly, as of tonight, there are not many platforms left that allow free speech. The last big one left is…Twitter. is where we are now.

In response, Elon Musk said that Twitter had not signed an agreement with the host, which would be subject to the same rules as other “content creators”.

”On this platform, unlike the one-way way of broadcasting, people are able to interact, criticize and refute what is said. And, of course, anything confusing will get @CommunityNotes. I also want to make it clear that we have not entered into any kind of agreement. Tucker is subject to the same rules and rewards as all content creators,” Mr Musk wrote, retweeting the host’s video.

The announcement comes weeks after I sat down for a two-part interview with Elon Musk on Fox News.

Notably, Fox News parted ways with Mr Carlson last month, losing a host who brought in millions of viewers from his prime-time show, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. However, that proved too much for owner Rupert Murdoch. Reports say she was fired for using foul language to describe a female executive, allegedly on the personal orders of Mr Murdoch.

Dominion Voting Systems Inc. The attorneys also disclosed evidence that Mr. Carlson disrespected his management, colleagues and guests. The show’s ratings dropped after his departure.