What will the royal family do at the King’s coronation?: all you need to know

King Charles became monarch of Britain following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September.


All eyes will be on the British royal family this weekend as they join nearly 100 heads of state and global dignitaries for the coronation of King Charles.

Below are the details on key members of the royal family, their position in the line of succession and what they are expected to do during the ceremony.

king charles

King Charles became monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 other territories upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September.

On Saturday he would take an oath to uphold the law and the Church of England, would be anointed with holy chrysanthemum oil consecrated in Jerusalem, and would be presented with items from the Crown Jewels that, among other things, symbolized the monarch’s power. Are.

He will then be crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, before returning to Buckingham Palace in a gold state coach as part of a mile-long procession.

Queen Camilla and her ceremony

Camilla, Charles’ second wife, will undergo a simple, mini-coronation as queen during the service.

Camilla was dubbed by newspapers as the most hated woman in Britain for years after being implicated in the break-up of Charles’ first marriage to the glamorous Princess Diana.

But Camilla gradually integrated into a more public role and the couple married 18 years ago. The late Queen Elizabeth last year blessed Camilla to take the title of Queen Consort, although polls suggest the public is still uneasy about her title.

William, Kate and children

Prince William, Charles’ eldest son and heir to the throne, will play a prominent role at the coronation, paying tribute to his father by kneeling before him and pledging his loyalty as “the man to whom your life and limb lie”.

William’s eldest son, George – second in line to the throne and nine years old – will be one of four pages of honor for the king, who will join the procession from the nave to Westminster Abbey in London.

Their younger two children, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, who are third and fourth in the line of succession, will join George and their parents in a carriage as part of the grand procession to Buckingham Palace.


Prince Harry, fifth in line to the throne, is Charles’ youngest son, who lives with his American wife Meghan in California after stepping down from royal duties to lead an independent life.

The couple have since accused some royals, including Camilla and Harry’s brother William, of leaking stories to tabloid newspapers to protect themselves or enhance their reputations.

Harry will have no official role in the ceremony and will not take part in the procession. It is not clear whether he will join the family when he appears on the balcony to greet the crowd later on Saturday

Megan will remain in America with her two children. Her eldest son Prince Archie, sixth-in-line to the throne, turns four on coronation day.

Charles’s sister Anne

Charles’s sister Anne will ride in the procession behind Charles and Camilla’s carriage, known as the “Gold Stick”, which was made during the reign of Henry VIII, when a loyalist entrusted with the personal protection of the sovereign The courtier was ordered to ride by the emperor. Side.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s third child, will attend the coronation but will not have an official role.

Andrew has been stripped of most of his titles in recent years and removed from royal duties over his friendship with the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender, and a related sexual assault allegation.

In February 2022, Andrew settled a US lawsuit in which a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her when she was a teenager. He has not been charged with any criminal offense and has always denied any wrongdoing.

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