WhatsApp Brings Support for Sending HD Videos To Friends: How it Works – News18

Last Updated: August 25, 2023, 12:49 IST

WhatsApp now has the option to send HD videos

WhatsApp recently introduced the option to send photos in HD quality and now you can do that for videos as well.

WhatsApp recently introduced the option to send photos in high definition or HD quality with contacts and promised that the messaging app will soon have similar support for videos as well.

Now, we can confirm that the HD video feature is available for WhatsApp users, which basically means the video content you want to share with friends or family will not be compressed and transferred in HD or 1280×720 pixels resolution.

The feature is available for WhatsApp users on Android this week, and just like the HD photos option, users have to manually select the quality in which they want to send the video. By default, WhatsApp will use the standard version, and only when you select the HD mode, will the messaging app increase the quality of the video before sending, which does increase the size of the file, and then a little longer to send.

How To Send HD Video Quality On WhatsApp

WhatsApp users can use these steps to send videos in HD quality:

– Open WhatsApp on your phone

– Go to a contact to send the video

– Click on the paper clip icon and select Gallery

– Now choose the video you want to send

– Click on the HD icon at the top of the screen

– You will see the Standard or HD quality option

– Click on HD quality which is clearer but big file size

– Hit the send button to transfer the video

WhatsApp clearly mentions that HD videos are better for sending but their file size is bigger, which means it takes more time to transfer.

WhatsApp has been offering new features every week, and the Meta-owned platform has more new tools coming in the next few months. Earlier this week, WhatsApp offered the option for users to create Groups without any name, and also bring a new message menu when you are sending view-once photos and videos with other WhatsApp users.