WhatsApp: WhatsApp now allows users to start group calls with up to 15 people – Times of India

popular messaging apps WhatsApp has started rolling out a new calling feature for Android the user. As per an online report, the Meta-owned platform is rolling out a feature that will enable users to start group calls with up to 15 people.
WhatsApp rolled out large group call functionality in April 2022 by allowing group calls with up to 32 participants. However, people could only start group calls with up to 7 contacts. But now with the latest Android beta update, WhatsApp users can now start group calls with up to 15 people.
Android beta testers with version number can now create a new group call with up to 15 people. “It is important to highlight that while the number of people you can select for the initial call has changed and is 15, group calls can still host up to 32 people in total. This update is primarily aimed at participants Focused on enhancing the convenience of choosing the group call creation process,” the report noted.
“These improvements save time because the group call maker can immediately select a larger number of contacts to start the call, making it more convenient for them to connect with more people at once,” the report said.
WhatsApp is going to get animated avatar feature soon
Meta’s WhatsApp is set to introduce an innovative animated avatar feature that aims to improve the messaging platform’s user experience. Recently, he revealed two exciting updates for both iOS And the Android versions revolve around both avatars. The first upgrade focused on streamlining the avatar setup process by allowing users to automatically generate their avatars using photos. This efficient approach saves time and effort, making avatar customization easy.
The second enhancement brings an expanded collection of avatars directly into the app’s settings. Users will now have access to a wider selection of pre-made avatars to choose from when setting up their profile, giving them more personalization options and enriching their avatar experience on WhatsApp. These additions are expected to create a more engaging and convenient avatar creation and selection process for users on both platforms.