Who is fueling the extreme heatwaves, wildfires and floods around the world?

simultaneous occurrence of Excessive heat This is no coincidence in vast areas of Asia, Europe and North America. The convergence of powerful weather forces is contributing to the creation of widespread planetary conditions, and unfortunately, there is no immediate respite from the scorching temperatures.

as reported BloombergWhereas Climate change The situation is much more complex than it has been the central factor driving temperatures to unprecedented levels. The complex interactions between the Earth and its atmosphere allow weather patterns in one region to influence distant parts of the world.

High and low pressure areas play an important role in establishing these connections, making connections between weather conditions in different locations. Meteorologists call this phenomenon “teleconnection” and it revolves around the movement of air within the atmosphere, Bloomberg noted.

The presence of high and low pressure areas is responsible for bringing extreme heat in some areas and heavy rains and floods in other areas. Typically, these weather systems move around the globe. However, the current situation is different; It seems that the atmospheric carousel is stuck in the same position, remaining stationary for several weeks. Unfortunately, forecasts indicate that this steady pattern is expected to continue in the near future.

“The winding river of air that circles the globe and creates our weather,” said renowned climate scientist Jennifer Francis, of the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Massachusetts, “right now, it’s unusually stuck in place.” Is.”

“A number of devastating heat dome and flood events around the Northern Hemisphere in recent weeks have indeed been linked,” Francis continued.

As the high-pressure dome remains stationary, the extreme heat has led to catastrophic results.

Record-breaking temperatures have been linked to a significant increase in mortality in Mexico. Conditions were so severe in California’s Death Valley National Park that a medical helicopter was unable to reach the site where a 71-year-old man was dying. Phoenix, the fifth largest city in the US, experienced an unprecedented 21 days with temperatures exceeding 110F (43C). Wildfires have raged in Greece and Switzerland, and Rome experienced an all-time high temperature, while Tokyo broke a 150-year-old heat record.

While high pressure systems bring severe heat and disaster, low pressure systems are wreaking havoc with heavy rainfall. In India, prolonged heat waves have given rise to torrential rains, resulting in widespread damage due to flooding. China is facing the threat of flooding in Beijing and Tianjin, and the US Northeast has experienced deadly flooding for two consecutive weekends.

AccuWeather Inc. Paul Pestelok, a senior meteorologist at the U.S., described pressure systems as interconnected like a chain, where everything around the world is linked together. This interrelationship creates a complex web of weather patterns and effects, causing diverse and extreme conditions to be experienced around the world.

Bloomberg It is further mentioned that the clearest example of how teleconnection works is seen with El Niño, a phenomenon occurring in the equatorial Pacific that can reverse weather patterns around the world. As surface waters become warmer than normal, the trade winds may weaken or even reverse. After this these changes spread all over the world. The world is now under El Niño weather for the first time in nearly four years.

Apart from all this, the sea temperature is also setting new highs.

“Once you’ve got the oceans excessively warm, it becomes easier to sustain heat waves” because more humidity dissipates, said Daniel Swain, a climatologist at the University of California Los Angeles.

Scientists are investigating a hypothesis that suggests that, under specific conditions, waves in the jet stream can result in high- and low-pressure systems being trapped, causing them to remain stable. Bloomberg noted.

“And that would be really in line with what we’re seeing at least this summer,” Swain said in a live stream presentation on Wednesday. Still, he added, it is “increasingly likely” that “there is something in the theory”.

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UPDATE: July 21, 2023, 08:38 AM IST