Will not tolerate criticism of BC leaders: Minister

Animal Husbandry Minister T. Srinivas Yadav, Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamlakar, Excise Minister V. Srinivas Goud and Council President Banda Prakash Mudiraj have warned that any criticism of BC leaders will not be tolerated.

A meeting of BC leaders was held here on Wednesday, in which many BC leaders belonging to BRS participated and they met TPCC President A.K. Condemned the comments made by Revanth Reddy and others.

“Under the leadership of Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao, several developmental and welfare measures were taken by the government. Some Congressmen and other leaders are making vile comments against BC leaders. This is not acceptable,” the ministers said while talking to reporters here after the meeting.

Referring to the construction of Atma Gaurav Bhawans for different castes and the support being given to caste-based businesses, the ministers said that previous parties used BCs as vote banks, but the BRS actually benefited them Is. He warned that those criticizing BC leaders would not be allowed to move freely in the villages.

MLC Madhusudan Chari, Y. Mallesham, L. Ramana, Basavaraj Saraiya, Shambhipur Raju, MLA D. Nagendra, K. Venkatesh, Mutha Gopal, Gampa Govardhan, MP B. Lingaiah Yadav, V Ravichandra, Bibi Patil, President of Handloom Corporation Chinta Prabhakar.and Dasoju Shravan attended the meeting.