Woman ‘can barely move her hands’ after wearing gel nail polish for years

She described her skin as ‘tearing paper’ with her fingers

A woman says she can barely use her hands after developing a suspected allergy to nail products. new york post informed of. Lisa Davy, 36, said she’s been getting her nails done for years without any problems. However, after applying a full set of gel polish in February, her nails became inflamed and began to peel off from the nail bed.

Doctors initially attributed the symptoms to a bacterial infection, for which she was prescribed steroid creams and antibiotics. When the symptoms of the infection seemed to go away after taking medication, she decided to get acrylic nails in April. However, the symptoms returned and she found that her nails had become “very ingrown” again.

“My nail bed started turning purple, and I was worried I’d lose my whole finger. When I got them done again recently — this time with acrylics — the same thing happened,” she explained.

She described her skin as “like tearing paper” with her fingers, which caused her so much pain that she could “barely” move her hands. He even had to struggle a lot to wash his daughter’s hair, put on her seat belt, hold a pen and take a bath. Independent informed of.

“It’s also broken my confidence – it’s very embarrassing and I always hide my hands,” she said.

It is now suspected that she was allergic to nail products.

according to a BBC Report, dermatologists have recently noticed a rise in allergic reactions to acrylic and gel nails. Methacrylate chemicals used in acrylic and gel nail manicures are known to trigger contact allergies.

The British Association of Dermatologists states that the chemical can cause a severe, itchy rash anywhere on the body, making the source of the reaction difficult to pinpoint. In some cases, people report that their nails are loose or falling off.