Woman trolls scammer on WhatsApp, shares screenshot on Twitter – Internet calls it brilliant

New Delhi: According to reports, online scams are not a new thing. Advances in technology have also given fraudsters additional opportunities to dupe individuals out of their hard earned money. Udita Pal, a co-founder of SALT, responded in a very different way to a fraudster’s attempt to extort money from her.

The co-founder of the Bengaluru fintech company posted a few screenshots of his chat with the con artist on Twitter. The screenshot shows how Udita had to click on a link, watch a video, then like it in order to be considered for the job. ,ALSO READ: AI-generated pictures of Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and other billionaires working out in the gym go viral – see how they look,

The texter claimed to be from Mumbai and messaged from a strange number. Udita had a lot of fun replying to the con artist’s messages. When the man realized that Udita had seen his move, he was immediately stopped. ,Read also: List of 8 countries with 4-day working week,

The tweet has been viewed and reacted by over 122k people. Everyone liked the way Udita handled the matter. Many people were shocked by the fraudster’s attempt to extort money from him.