Won’t increase footwear quality orders: Piyush Goyal – Times of India

New Delhi: Minister of Commerce & Industry and Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal indicated on Wednesday that the government would not extend the deadline for footwear industry To comply with the new quality standards, maintaining that two extensions have already been given and consumers should not be forced to buy sub standard product,
Amid vigorous lobbying by the footwear industry and retailers for a one-year extension beyond July 1, Goyal told reporters that the Quality Control Orders (QCOs) are issued after extensive consultation with the industry and to implement them Sufficient time is given. in leather and footwear sector, We issued three QCOs two and a half years ago on October 27, 2020. So, the entire industry knows very well… in two and a half years, if someone has not yet become compliant, there is a vested interest, which we cannot fulfill,” he said.
When asked about the demand, Goyal said, “Now after giving extension twice, where is the question of not being able to comply? There are some vested interests. I saw it in toys as well. People tried to create a fear That something will happen. Shortage of toys for children. Finally, we put our foot down. After the order is implemented, there is no shortage of toys. 90% compliance.
The minister said the government is committed to improving the quality of products sold in the country and the same standards apply to domestically produced and imported goods, with some carving out for smaller players.