YouTube Music: YouTube Music will now show top releases in place of albums and singles on artist page – Times of India

Youtube Music Something is up for change. Although not much changes have been made in the app, but the company has updated the artist page on the app. The app, after an update, shows a combined “Top Releases”, this replaces album and single segment.
Changes are visible on YouTube Music in play AndroidiOS and web application.
YouTube Music will now display “Top Releases” followed by a list of five popular songs instead of separate carousels for albums and singles.
However, users can still scroll and browse through the last 10 tasks, and there’s also a “More” section in the top-right corner that leads into a grid view with top filters, similar to the Library and Home tabs.
YouTube Music users can still choose between Albums, Singles and Popular Tracks, and Recent Releases. By default, each list appears sorted in reverse chronological order.
9to5Google reported that “the top releases are rolled out widely on YouTube Music’s desktop and mobile clients as server-side updates.”
YouTube introduces music podcasts
Meanwhile, podcasts have officially been added to YouTube Music. The feature is available to all users in the United States and can be listened to without a subscription on the Android, iOS and web apps. youtube premium Or music premium,
With this update, users who watch podcasts on the main YouTube app can easily listen to them on YouTube Music. YouTube highlights that all users can now enjoy listening to podcasts on-demand and offline on YouTube Music, even in the background or while casting. Additionally, users can seamlessly switch between audio and video versions of podcasts across platforms.
“This podcast listening experience is different from our music listening experience, where you need a Premium or Music Premium subscription to enjoy some of these features,” the company said in a blog post.