Zoho launches Ula web browser, reveals AI strategy – Times of India

Chennai: Joining the likes of Google, Apple and Microsoft the Chennai-based software firm Zoho Corporation launched on Thursday ulaa privacy focused Web browser,
Ula (meaning travel or journey in Tamil) is specifically designed to secure users’ personal data, joho Said, and there are pre-built capabilities to block tracking and website monitoring. The company said that the browser is and will remain free for all.
“With Ulaa, users don’t have to compromise their privacy to browse the web, which has unfortunately become a surveillance minefield. Zoho’s commitment to privacy and our privacy-focused business model allow us to provide a conflict-free, Allows us to provide a privacy-focused browser. For those who value their privacy and the privacy of their children.” Sridhar Vembusaid the CEO and co-founder of Zoho Corporation.
Ula is Zoho’s most recent foray into B2C technology after Zilam, an app suite designed for families to bring their communications and data together on a single platform that was launched in 2022 . The company also introduced a beta version of its private messaging. App Aratai in 2021 but a full version is not launched yet.
Available on mobile and desktop, the privacy-focused browser is packed with productivity tools for users while keeping user data secure and private. “DNS prefetching is restricted in Ula, so data cannot be cached nor can motion sensors track mouse movements and clicks,” said a statement from Zoho.
Ula counts privacy, productivity tools, and multiple user modes as its USPs. In Kids Mode, Ula is equipped with ad-free entertainment and learning-focused games and apps. Users can also sync browsing sessions between devices allowing multiple devices to use the same browsing session.
The Saas chief also unveiled it on Thursday ai strategy, As a first step, Zoho launched 13 Generative AI Zoho Application Extensions and integrations powered by ChatGPT across various Zoho apps such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Writer and others.
Zoho has been implementing its own AI Engine (Zia) across its product portfolio since 2011, and also plans to build generative AI technology in-house and is currently developing a proprietary Learning Language Model (LLM).
“Businesses will pay OpenAI to receive a key that will be recorded in their Zoho account. This helps from a privacy perspective because the context is not mixed with other Zoho users… Xia already basically is integrated in places where it makes sense, but if organizations want to use OpenAI, Zoho Platform can enable them to do so,” Ramprakash Ramamurthy, director – AI Research, Zoho Corporation, told TOI.