Air India: As pilots protest new pay structure, Air India says there is ‘no recognized union’ in the airline – Times of India

New Delhi: indian water The pilots have rejected the new pay structure prepared for them by the airline. The biggest bone of contention is that under the new framework, they are assured a flying allowance of 40 hours every month – down from 70 hours in the pre-pandemic period. Two associations – the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) of the erstwhile Indian Airlines and Indian Pilots Guild ,IPG) Eastern indian water It has warned of “industrial unrest” if new conditions are imposed on them. Asserting that it will “continue to engage with its remaining employees,” the now-private Maharaja says “there is no recognized union in Air India” – taking a tough stand on the issue.
“These terms and conditions are not acceptable to us, and we will combat this travesty using any and all avenues available to us. Our member pilots will not sign this unilaterally revised terms of employment and compensation. Any coercive step or coercion by the company to sign these harsh terms and compensation will lead to industrial unrest,” said a joint statement from both the unions.

With regard to the representation of pilots, a indian water The spokesperson said: “The new compensation structure for pilots and cabin crew is our endeavor to bring parity between the different groups, encourage productivity and boost the emoluments they draw. The managerial and supervisory role played by experienced pilots is also being recognized in the form of designating them as Senior Commanders and also giving them a special monthly allowance. Contracts reflecting these improvements were sent individually to pilots and cabin crew for necessary paperwork. A large number of pilots and cabin crew have already accepted the new contracts, and the pay improvements and advancement opportunities they enable. The airline will continue to engage with its remaining employees through this process as currently there is no recognized union in Air India.

The pilots’ representation says: “The company’s period costing for an estimated flight of 70 hours is deliberately misleading and creates an impression with a generous compensation and benefits package. The actual guaranteed money being offered is only for 40 hours Effectively, any time a pilot is on leave or unavailable due to recurring training requirements or document/license renewal, not to mention any sick leave, involves an automatic pay cut. The so-called rationalization of allowances is a human Does not conform to any industry practices as estimated by the resource.


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It added: “Management is expecting the pilots to agree (include): The company wants(ing) to completely absolve itself of the responsibility of providing pilots with a stable roster of which Around which we can plan our lives. As per the ‘requirement’ of the company and in the name of ‘business necessity’, pilots are now expected to be on permanent standby, effectively on call 24×7. Hence any family/social commitment Or the semblance of work/life balance that pilots seek is now irrelevant.