Galaxy Z Fold: Samsung’s MX business head reveals a key design detail about the upcoming foldable – Times of India

it’s been about four years SAMSUNG launched its foldable — Galaxy Z Fold And Galaxy Z Flip, The company made substantial changes every year to improve the foldables in every possible way. Now, the company is set to showcase its latest generation of foldable phones, which could be named Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5, along with the next generation of tablets and smartwatches at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on July 26.
Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 will be thinner and lighter
tm rowThe head of Samsung’s MX business has released a teaser confirming some major design upgrades about the upcoming foldable phone ahead of its official launch. As per the teasers, the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy ZFlip5 will be both thinner and lighter than the previous generation.
Explaining the overall thin and light nature of the upcoming foldable phone, Roh explained that “the act of folding and unfolding a smartphone. It sounds simple. However, users find that this simplicity can only be achieved through focusing on the most essential and intuitive things.
He further mentioned that Samsung has “raised the standards” in the world of foldable phones. He noted that “every gram and millimeter in a foldable device requires an engineering breakthrough”. He mentioned that the upcoming foldable phones – Galaxy Z Fold5 and Galaxy Z Flip5 – will be “thinner and lighter than our previous generations”.
“We have raised the standards of foldable smartphone ergonomics. A millimeter difference in the thickness of a device may not sound like a big change, but every gram and millimeter in a foldable device requires an engineering breakthrough. It demands craftsmanship with passion. When it is done well, there is a huge benefit to the users. That’s why we’ve innovated to make our latest foldable even thinner and lighter than its previous generations.
For those unaware, Samsung is all set to hold its second biggest event of the year where the company is set to unveil the next generation of foldable phones, the Galaxy Tab S9 series and the Galaxy Watch 6 series.