Gujarat village riots over woman’s undergarments being stolen: 10 people from two families injured, 20 detained; Neighbor was stealing for 8 months

Ahmedabad17 minutes ago

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The police have registered an FIR against the relatives of the woman for rioting and against 8 relatives of the youth for molestation, assault.

In Gujarat, the theft of undergarments became the reason for the riots in Pachham village of Dhandhuka taluka of Ahmedabad. These circumstances of rioting between two neighbors in the same locality in the village took place on June 27, when the woman caught the neighbor red-handed stealing her undergarments.

After this, 30 people from both the men and women side were fiercely beaten with sticks, in which about 10 people were injured from both the sides. Police has taken 20 people from both the sides into custody.

was stealing for 8 months
According to Dhandhuka Police Inspector PN Jinjuwadia, the woman lodged a complaint that her neighbor Rajes had been stealing her undergarments for about 8 months. The woman says that she used to put her clothes on a line to dry and they were stolen after some time.

File photo of Dhandhuka taluka of Ahmedabad district.

File photo of Dhandhuka taluka of Ahmedabad district.

caught red handed
Troubled by the theft of undergarments, when the woman started keeping an eye on the clothes, she was seen stealing Rajesh’s undergarments. After this the woman chased him and reached his house and a dispute started between the two. Meanwhile, Rajesh allegedly assaulted the woman.

Family members arrived with sticks
Hearing the screams of the woman, her family members came armed with sticks and rods. After this he attacked Rajesh and his relatives. Rajesh’s family members also took up sticks and rods to retaliate and then a fierce fight started between the two sides.

10 people of both the families were injured in the fight
Dhandhuka Police Inspector PN Jinjuwadia said that around ten people from both the families were injured in the fight. In this case, 20 people have been arrested from both the sides. The Inspector further informed that we have registered an FIR against the woman’s relatives for rioting and assault and against Rajesh and his 8 relatives for molestation, assault and rioting. The inspection of the matter is going on.

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