Karnataka exit polls: BJP government in one out of 5 surveys, Congress away from majority on largest party in 4; JDS Kingmaker

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Statements like Snake, Nalayak, Bajrang Dal ban to Bajrangbali ki Jai and Karnataka’s sovereignty reached the Election Commission. Voting also completed on 224 seats in Karnataka. Votes cast 66%. Now waiting for the result. But before that exit polls.

No party has majority this time in 5 surveys. Congress is the largest party in three out of 4 exit polls, while BJP in one.

All the four surveys are telling JDS as kingmaker with 24 seats. That means, like 2018, once again without JDS, Congress or BJP government will not be formed.

All this is the karmic account of the present time. Just wait for two days, the results will come on 13th May. 113 MLAs are needed to form the government.

3 opinion polls of this Karnataka election…

1. India TV-CNX: No clear majority
According to the poll, Congress can become the single largest party with 105 seats. BJP can win 85 and JDS 32 seats. Means no one has majority. The survey was done on 6 May. In this, talks were held with 11 thousand 200 people for 112 seats.

2. ABP News-C Voter: Congress government
In the survey, Congress is expected to get 110 to 122 seats, BJP 73 to 85 and JDS 21 to 29 seats. Means the government of Congress. There is feedback of 73 thousand people in the survey. 44% of the people voted for the Congress, while 32% predicted the formation of the BJP government. 31% people said unemployment as the biggest issue.

3. Zee News-Matrix: BJP Government
In the survey, BJP is expected to get 103 to 118 seats, Congress 82 to 97 and JDS 28 to 33 seats. This is the largest opinion poll in terms of sample size. In this, 3 lakh 36 thousand people were questioned on 224 seats. 1500 people were talked to in every assembly seat.

All the figures are from the agencies involved in the survey.

Opinion on Bajrang Dal ban: 44% people said – loss to Congress
Congress’s Bajrang Dal ban was also questioned in the Zee News-Matrix survey. 44% people said that this will cause loss to the Congress. 22% said it would be beneficial and 19% said it would not make any difference.

Exit polls proved right in 2018

In 2018, BJP was declared as the single largest party in 4 out of 6 major exit polls. This was correct. BJP became the single largest party by winning 104 out of 224 seats. But Congress and JDS together formed the government. The uproar continued. Karnataka saw 2 governments and 3 chief ministers in 5 years.

6 surveys came in 2018

See in the graphics the exit polls of the last 3 elections…

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