Microsoft’s Bing Chat gets new features – Times of India

Microsoft introduces new visual and multimodal features bing chat To improve chatbot functionality and user experience. Apart from these new features, the company has also said that bing Chat will soon support third-party plugins, which should further expand the chatbot’s capabilities.
The company has been testing these features in a limited preview with a restricted group of users for the past three months. Now, These Features Are Coming to Bing and Edge In an open preview, which means anyone can try them out.
Earlier this year, Bing made a change. GPT-4 integration, gathering over 100 million daily active users.
Bing Chat gets new visual search capabilities
Now, Microsoft is adding new visual search features, such as the ability to search using images and generate charts and graphs. The company is also expanding the image creation tool to support over 100 languages.
Microsoft now saves your chat history
With this update, users can now revisit and continue previous conversations. Persistent chats can now enable users’ discovery by recording their questions and responses, preventing repetition, and following up on topics of interest later. Additionally, AI assistants can also mimic the natural flow of human conversation.
By merging chat history and persistent chats together in the Edge browser, Microsoft plans to provide users with more relevant search results. The company says it will use users’ chat history and context to provide progressively more personalized and better answers.
New AI Features for Edge Browser
Microsoft has launched a redesigned version of its Edge browser, which now integrates more deeply with Bing Chat. Updated Bing Chat features in the Edge sidebar include chat history context, exporting and sharing conversations, summarizing long documents, and performing user-requested actions.
Users can now search for a specific movie, and Actions in Edge will display the option in the chat sidebar and play the selected movie from available sources. edge mobile Soon Actions in Edge will also be supported.
The new Edge will roll out to Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS in the coming weeks. iOSAnd Android Device.
Bing Chat is now open to third-party developers thanks to plugins
Microsoft reveals its plans to open up Bing’s capabilities to third-party developers OpenAI Opened up ChatGPT to third party plugins. This will allow developers to build features and plugins on top of the search platform. With this, users will soon be able to search for restaurants on Bing Chat and book reservations through OpenTable or chat with Bing and access complex answers through Wolfram Alpha.