Samsung: Why LG, Samsung are ‘worried’ over Apple MacBook sales numbers – Times of India

The PC market has been facing turbulent times over the last few quarters. Sales are down and last quarter was particularly bad as every brand saw a big drop in shipments. Apple Recently reported its quarterly results and revenue Mac There was a decline for the second consecutive quarter. the numbers are reportedly found SAMSUNG And LG Concerned.
OLED panels for Mac expected in the future
Both samsung display And lg display is a manufacturer of OLED panels and is expected to supply them to Apple. A report by South Korean publication The Elec suggests that the two Korean companies have raised concerns on a number of issues. Samsung is working on the 8th generation of OLED panels while LG is working on the 6th generation. The 8th generation panel brings improved display quality and is expected to be priced much higher, which could also push up the final retail price.
The report states that both Samsung and LG have not ordered the equipment needed to manufacture Gen 8 OLED panels. Companies are worried about spending too much and worried about profitability.
One of the main reasons is the lack of assurance as to how much Apple will pay for the OLED panels. Beyond that, it’s unclear how many units Apple plans to buy as well.
Apple hasn’t used an OLED panel for the iPad or MacBook. The iPad plays an important role here as it is rumored that the first OLED panel iPad model will arrive in 2024. macbook It is expected to arrive in 2026 with an OLED panel.
Samsung has committed to spend billions of dollars to develop Gen 8 OLED panels. However, the report states that both LG and Samsung have told their suppliers that they are unwilling to spend more on Gen 8 panels than Gen 6 panels. Mac sales numbers — and the overall decline in the PC market — have given both Korean companies a lot to consider.