Sunny Leone on her birthday and career: I am not ashamed of my past. Hindi Movie News – Times of India

As sunny Leone turns a year older on May 13, she couldn’t have expected better birthday, His Anurag Kashyap-directed starrer Kennedy Going to Cannes this month and Sunny can’t stop laughing.
“It’s like living a dream. Birthdays have always been special to me. When I was a kid, my mother used to make cakes. I would invite all my friends over. We would dance to our favorite songs. There were balloons and music and heaps It will be all fun. I miss those carefree days. But I cherish what I have now.”

Sunny met her husband Daniel Weber in Las Vegas. Although he was in New York. She did not think at that time that anything would come of their relationship as they lived in different cities. But Danielle showered flowers, chocolates and gifts wherever she lived all over the world. He used to fly from any corner of the world to meet her.

Ask her about the best gift she has received and Sunny sighs and says, “My husband is the most precious gift I have ever received. I would not survive a day without him. Daniel is always there every step of the way.” , be it baby food, breakfast or bedtime. He is there. We are never leaving for the country. We didn’t have children on the condition that one of us would bring them up alone. We had children because we both really wanted them. We also know that the first five years of their lives are the most important. This is when they form their best bonds with their parents, siblings That’s why it is necessary to have family support.
One recalls that when Sunny recently came to Mumbai from the US, there were directors who declared that they did not want to work with her, as they had family audiences to consider.
But Sunny staunchly defends her past. “If it was not for my past, I would not be who I am. I am not ashamed of it because it brought me here in India. If I had come here regularly without any entertainment experience, I would not be as popular with the public as I am today.