Video: Security guard bodyslams woman while trying to break up violent fight outside US nightclub

It is not known what the women were fighting about.

A disturbing video going viral on Twitter has captured the moment a nightclub security officer in the United States wrestles a woman to the ground during a chaotic fight in Texas. According to new york postThe incident happened on Saturday outside the Privet Social Club in San Antonio.

The clip tweeted by user @leooooo69 begins with hair pulling as several women fight outside the nightclub. Seconds later, one of them is pinned to the ground by another woman, who continues to beat her. The camera then quickly pans away to show a security guard, who places one of the women in a chokehold and violently slams her across the parking lot.

Disturbing and graphic scenes. viewer discretion is advised.

The video, which has been viewed over 11 million times on Twitter, also shows the same security officer pepper-spraying another woman, who can be heard shouting that she cannot see. It also shows women dragging each other on the pavement barefoot despite the presence of several guards.

It is not known what the women were fighting about.

talking to CBS related KNES5 TV, the private security company, Precision Defense Group, said that only two guards were trying to break up the six fights while waiting for police to arrive. The head of the security firm also said that he was reviewing other videos and would not comment until then.

Club management and the security company reportedly said they are investigating the claims of the woman’s behavior before she was forced to the ground.

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separately, according PostThe San Antonio Police Department stated that no one involved in the incident has been charged because “all parties left the scene before police arrived”.

Meanwhile, there are mixed reactions on this video on Twitter. One user wrote, “Body slams and money flying. Pepper spray on the face. Purse snatcher. There’s a lot going on here.” Another concerned Twitter user asked, “Are the security guards allowed to do this, this is terrible.”