WhatsApp international call scam: Two important things the company wants users to do – Times of India

There has been a sudden spurt in the last few weeks WhatsApp Users receiving international calls from unknown numbers in India. These WhatsApp calls from international numbers include both audio and video calls. Social media platforms are flooded with complaints from users reporting such WhatsApp calls. The instant messaging company has responded to the scandal. In a statement, WhatsApp has given two important tips to its users to stay safe from such scams.
Two important tips of WhatsApp for users
WhatsApp has suggested two important things that users can do to deal with these fake calls and stay safe, these include:
1. Block such numbers
2. Report these numbers on WhatsApp.
“Blocking and reporting suspicious messages/calls is an important step to effectively deal with scams and when users receive calls from unknown international or domestic phone numbers, WhatsApp is taking a step forward to block and report suspicious accounts.” Provides a convenient way. It is important to report these accounts to WhatsApp.” That we can take necessary action against them and ban them from the platform. Users can also control who can see their personal details and their online presence using our privacy controls. Keeping your personal details visible to only your contacts can help protect your account from being hacked. Actor,” said a WhatsApp spokesperson.
“Additionally, we have continuously invested artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technology, data scientists and experts, and processes, to keep our users safe on our platform. Our monthly User Safety Report that we publish in accordance with the IT Rules 2021 includes details of user complaints received and action taken by WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp’s own preventive actions to combat abuse on our platform. As per the latest monthly report, WhatsApp has banned over 4.7 million accounts in the month of March alone,” the statement said.
whatsapp security campaign
Incidentally, WhatsApp had launched a security drive earlier this month. The campaign titled ‘Stay Safe with WhatsApp’ aims to raise user awareness about safe digital practices. It highlights product features that empower users to take control of their online security and ensure a secure messaging experience. The campaign focuses on educating users about WhatsApp’s in-built product features and security tools such as two-step verification, block and report and privacy controls.