Ameesha Patel reveals the story of Gadar 2 in a tweet; Upset fans criticized the actress for the SPOILER. Hindi Movie News – Times of India

there should be a little Amisha Patel imagined that his tweet would anger thousands of fans of the Gadar franchise when he only intended to ease the concerns of his character’s fans Sakina, Teaser of the much awaited sequel bridge 2 Many fans were disappointed to see Tara Singh (sunny deol) was mourning over a grave believed to be that of his beloved wife Sakina.
An excited Ameesha immediately took to Twitter and assured fans that Sakina is not dead. “Hey all my lovely fans!! Many of you are worried and upset about this shot from Gadar 2 thinking it is Sakina who is dead!! It is not!! Who is it not me Could say but it’s not Sakina!! So please don’t worry!! 💖💖💖 Love you all,” she tweeted.

However, giving such spoilers of Ameesha has disappointed the fans. One fan sarcastically commented, “In every tweet please keep updating us about the movie scenes every 5 minutes. We are worried about all the characters.” Another commented, “Ya puri kahani bold sister kuch b suspense math rakhi.”
Another fan expressed his disappointment, “Really I am shocked yaar! Hadd hai yaar… @ameesha_patel DSS niyani aa yaar tu! Swaad hi marta.”
“Ma’am aapki wajah se Gadar 2 ke collection me Rs. 2 lacs ki kami ho jaayegi. Suspense khol diya aapne,” wrote another fan.
Meanwhile the film has received appreciation from the Ministry of Defense Preview Committee, which also shared positive words of praise for the film.
Directed by Anil Sharma And produced by Zee Studios, Gadar 2 is slated to release in theaters on August 11, 2023.