IIT Madras: IIT Madras launches 15 ‘Centres of Excellence’, these are the names – Times of India

Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has launched 15 ‘Centres of Excellence’ (CoEs) as part of the ‘Prestige Institute‘ (IoE) scheme in an event organized on the campus. These centers will conduct cutting edge research to develop next generation technologies and create a significant impact not only in India but also internationally.
What are ‘Institutions of Excellence’
The IoE scheme was launched by the government to empower higher educational institutions to become world-class teaching and research institutions. IIT Madras, one of the pre-eminent institutes of India, was selected in 2019. It has established several research initiatives in diverse areas with funding from IoE grants. Financial support through IoE will enable IIT Madras faculty members to pursue ambitious research goals, undertake cutting-edge projects and attract top talent to work on research topics.
IIT Madras had identified 68 research initiatives in 21 technology clusters in diverse areas in the first phase. Through an extensive and rigorous review process, the institute selected 23 research centers within the IIT Madras system and 15 centers of excellence in the second phase of 10 research projects.
These research initiatives cover a broad spectrum of topics and involve more than 400 faculty members. By fostering interdisciplinary research, they facilitate collaborations that can lead to important discoveries, innovations and advances in key areas.
These CoEs are dedicated to specific areas of study and are expected to be among the top five in the world in terms of research and innovation. They are intended to serve as centers of excellence, attract top talent and promote interdisciplinary collaboration.
IoE funding will facilitate stronger collaboration with industry partners, leading to technology transfer and commercialization of research results. The institute envisions successful partnerships with corporations, start-ups and industry leaders, resulting in the development of cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions that address real-world challenges and contribute to economic growth.
The goal is not only to achieve individual research milestones, but also to create an environment of cross-cultural collaboration and learning, thereby fostering holistic growth and development. IoE funding has also helped set up state-of-the-art infrastructure, research facilities and technology platforms, which play a vital role in driving scientific progress.
funds have been allocated through IoE Initiative at IIT Madras Primarily used to purchase capital equipment and support research-related expenses. These strategic investments have enabled the Institute’s researchers to access state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, empowering them to conduct cutting-edge experiments and analyzes that advance the frontiers of knowledge.
15 Centers of Excellence have been inaugurated:
1. Significant Variation in Complex Systems
2. NDE 5.0 – Industrial Asset and Process Management
3. Center of Excellence on Molecular Materials and Functions
4. Technologies for Low Carbon and Lean Manufacturing
5. Healthcare & Accessories technologies
6. Marine Experience From Marine Experience
7. Center for Quantum Information, Communications and Computing
8. Play Science & Analytics
9. Soft Matter Center
10. Center of Excellence in RF, Analog and Mixed Signal ICs
11. Atomic Modeling and Material Design
12. Geophysical Flow Laboratory
13. Center for Cancer Genomics and Molecular Therapeutics
14. Quantum Center for Diamond and Emerging Materials
15. Energy Consortium