King Charles coronation: what young British-Indians are saying

King Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May.

On Saturday, May 6, King Charles will be crowned at Westminster Abbey in a ceremony filled with pomp, pageantry and solemn religious significance, after becoming king of the United Kingdom and 14 other territories upon the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, in September. , Countrywide celebrations, including parades, will be held on the coronation weekend, during which the 74-year-old monarch will be officially crowned in a grand ceremony, the first to be held after 70 years.

Organizers of the event said people watching the coronation would be invited to join “a crowd of millions” to swear allegiance to the king and his successors. People around the UK and abroad would be invited to say these words “I swear that I will bear true allegiance to your majesty according to law, and to your heirs and successors. So help me, God.”

However, British Indians have a different view towards it. “I think the mood in Britain is quite mixed. Since the Queen passed away, there has been a mixed reaction to the monarchy. Personally, I think they do a good job of unifying the country. may be divided but they can bring them together,” said a user.

“I don’t think I’m taking the pledge. My reason involves the line of succession. I can sign it for today, but not in the future,” she continued.

Another person, Priya, who met Rani as a student at Bristol University, said the pledge is optional and not a mandate. “We are in a democratic country where we have a choice to exercise. It also comes from a feudal mindset where historically the House of Lords and royals used to give their vows to the monarch. Whereas now, it is given to the people of The nation. While it has been criticized a lot, it can also be seen as inclusive.

Pranav, who recently met King Charles, said the two days of the coronation would unite the country. He said that he will also take oath. “There is a lot that the monarchy does and that is very helpful, but there is a lot that they have to do. The popularity of the monarchy is lowest among the age group of 18 to 25 years. Proactive and proactive steps need to be taken so that They can stay relevant.”