Microsoft and LinkedIn partner to offer free Generative AI certificate course

Microsoftin collaboration with LinkedInAI has launched a new initiative called AI Skills Initiative under its Skills for Jobs programme. It aims to enhance the understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) by providing free introductory courses on generative AI.

The initiative is designed to equip individuals with critical AI knowledge and promote responsible AI practices. Upon completion of the coursework, participants will receive a Career Essential Certificate, making this an attractive option for those interested in seeking professional certification in Generative AI.

The demand for AI talent is growing worldwide, and India has established itself as a leader in this field, with the second largest pool of AI talent globally. Quite impressively, India excels in both AI skill penetration and concentration of AI professionals.

However, despite having around 420,000 professionals specializing in AI, machine learning and big data analytics, there is still a significant gap of 51 per cent between the demand and availability of such talent in the country.

Recognizing the transformative power of AI and acknowledging that the fast-paced nature of information work is outstripping our ability to cope, Microsoft has taken a proactive approach to addressing this issue. His campaign focuses on empowering individuals with AI knowledge.

over the past few years, Microsoft It is claimed to have provided AI training to around 70,000 female students from Tier II and III cities. The goal is to reduce the knowledge gap and promote inclusive adoption of AI.

Gunjan Patel, director and head of philanthropy at Microsoft India, emphasizes the critical role of AI skills in companies’ training strategies. These skills rank as the third highest priority with analytical and creative thinking.

Patel acknowledges the powerful potential of AI for the workforce and stresses the need to ensure that everyone has the skills necessary to use AI effectively. The AI ​​Skills Initiative is seen as an important milestone in this direction, which aims to fuel a new era of technological innovation by equipping individuals with essential AI skills.

Since the beginning of OpenAI chatgpt In November 2022, generative AI has gained significant popularity. This state-of-the-art chatbot service has impressed users and raised concerns due to its extraordinary capabilities. While many people use it to streamline their tasks, there are apprehensions about the potential displacement of jobs as AI can complete certain tasks much faster than humans.

However, AI is being widely adopted globally for various applications, thereby improving efficiency and productivity. As a result, the demand for AI experts is on the rise, with companies placing great value on their expertise.

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Updated: July 01, 2023, 11:03 AM IST