Terracotta figurines of humpback bull found at ancient site of Vembkottai | Chennai News – Times of India

broken terracotta statue of a humpback bull

CHENNAI: A terracotta statue of a humpbacked bull has been found in a village which comes under Vembakottai excavation site Virudhunagar District Seoni.
Tamil Nadu State Archaeological Department Excavation began on March 14 at Mettukadu in Vijayakarisalkulam panchayat. More than 1,500 interesting artifacts have been found at this site which include jewelery from utensils, shell bangles, beads and various terracotta objects.
Pon Bhaskar, director of excavations, Vembkottai, said a humpbacked statue discovered recently is 4.7 cm in length, 2.7 cm in width and 1.6 cm in thickness. The hump of the bull is clearly visible while the head is broken.
minister for Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archeology thangam thennarsu The Tamil literary work “Kalithogai” is cited to highlight the significance of this latest discovery. The minister tweeted that the act of “Kalithogai” begins with lines beginning with “Kolletru kodu anjuvanai” in which a woman says a man who is afraid to tame a charging bull, who kills his rival. is capable, he should not even become her husband. in his next birth.

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