WATCH: Missing teen clings to paddleboard in Atlantic Ocean for 22 hours until…

A teen has been rescued about 30 miles out to sea on a paddle board.

A young girl has been miraculously rescued by container ship crews in the Atlantic Ocean, 48 kilometers off the coast of Portugal, after being swept out to sea by an unexpected gust of wind for 22 hours while paddle surfing off the coast of Portugal.

According to Metro, Erika Vicente, 17, was clinging to her board for dear life in the Atlantic Ocean last week when a huge gust of wind carried her out to sea. Erika was paddling along the beach when she was suddenly swept away by strong winds near Monte Gordo in the Algarve region of Portugal. A massive search and rescue operation was launched to find the teenager, but to no avail.

Watch the rescue operation here:

in a statement Portuguese Air Force As mentioned, in the late afternoon of this Sunday, April 16, a merchant ship cruising along the Algarve coast spotted the young woman and recovered her from the water. Emergency services were immediately activated, and an Air Force EH-101 Merlin helicopter was activated at the scene to rescue the young woman and thus transfer her to a hospital unit.

Erika Vicente is now recuperating at Faro Hospital in Faro, the capital of the Algarve.

“She is fine, stable and she is not dehydrated,” said Horacio Guerrero, the clinic’s director.

“At this stage, the sensitive thing is to see if his kidney function can be maintained, because there can be problems in terms of brain function with hydration, because sometimes if you don’t consume enough fluid If forced, there could be a condition of cerebral edema, but we are not predicting that,” he said.