Elon Musk announces new features coming to Twitter app

Elon Musk on Wednesday announced several new features coming to the Twitter app. The latest version of the social media giant’s app will come with support for DM replies, meaning users will have the ability to reply to any message they receive, not just the most recent. Users will be able to respond to DMs on Twitter with a wide range of emoji, similar to Instagram or WhatsApp.

Notably, Twitter is also coming out with Encrypted DMs 1.0, which should make DMs between users more secure. Musk says that the ‘acid test’ of this feature will happen when he will not be able to see other users’ DM even after holding a gun to his head.

Another important feature that will be introduced soon in the Twitter app is the support for voice and video chat on Twitter. Musk says that this feature will allow users to talk to people anywhere in the world without giving a number.

In a tweet, Musk shared the latest features coming to Twitter, writing, “With the latest version of the app, you can reply to any message in a thread (not just the most recent) and any emoji reaction.” Encrypted DMs V1.0 should be released tomorrow. It will rapidly grow in sophistication. The test is I couldn’t see your DMs even if I had a gun to my head. Coming soon to your handle There will be voice and video chat with anyone on the platform, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving out your phone number.”

Twitter Support also shared an update about the new features in Direct Messages. Talking about the two new features, Twitter support wrote, “📢 Introducing DM replies! You can now reply to any message you receive in DMs, making conversations smoother and more spontaneous.

🥳 We’ve also added a new emoji picker to DMs, so you can react to messages with a wider range of emoji than ever before.”

Twitter Support said that the company is working on improving these features by seeking suggestions from Twitter users about new features.

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