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published by, Shaurya Sharma

Last Update: July 20, 2023, 12:44 PM IST

San Francisco, California, United States

Twitter said that about 99.99 percent of tweet impressions are healthy.

Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yacarino has denied a Bloomberg report that claimed hateful and violent content is on the rise on Twitter.

Twitter CEO Linda Yacarino has denied a report that claims there has been a rise in “hateful, violent and inaccurate” information on the Elon Musk-owned platform.

Yacarino said that Twitter “has made progress” and that most tweets in a user’s feed are now fine.

“A Bloomberg article claims that harmful content seen on Twitter is on the rise, but this is not true. It’s true – over 99 percent of the content users and advertisers see on Twitter is healthy,” he posted.

This means that only a small amount of content requires enforcement on Twitter.

“But whatever the amount, we will continue to do everything we can to make this platform as safe and sound as possible. The Bloomberg story, Yacarino said, aggregated a trove of inaccurate, misleading and out-of-date metrics, mostly from the period immediately following Twitter’s acquisition.

She added that over the past 8 months, “we’ve made progress in reducing the spread of hate speech, proactively preventing child abuse, and giving brands more control over where their ads appear – from imminent control Right up to third party verification”.

In a separate statement, the micro-blogging platform said that around 99.99 per cent of tweet impressions are healthy.

“Which means that only a small amount of material requires enforcement. But we will keep doing everything we can to make this platform as safe and sound as possible,” the company said.

Over the next two weeks, Twitter is further expanding its ad placement controls to better support the tremendous growth in video consumption on the platform.

“We are actively building out pre-bid inventory filtering that will allow for even more control over content adjacencies,” Yacarino said.

Musk has acknowledged that Twitter is in danger, even after a 50 percent drop in advertising revenue and heavy past debt.

Meanwhile, Twitter has rolled out a new advertising revenue sharing program for creators, and has also started paying them.

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